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Three decades of expertise and rapport in the industry makes Alee Institute of Event Managment and Consultancy as one of the most assuring platforms for Event Managment. The Institute has been associated with over thousands of events, nationally and internationally. Our Event Managment course has especially been curated to meet the demands of the dynamically changing industry. With changing time and improving technology it is of grave importance for a professional to understand the need of the hour.

Today events are not just restricted to one sector, they are versatile in nature. Here at Alee Institute, we make sure to acquaint our students with all the branches of the field. We not only believe in teaching our students but we work to create professionals for the competitive market.

Our course is curated exclusively by experienced professionals to give you the best available platform to perform. With certificate/degree, one also gets the chance to get on hand experience with big scale events of national and international fame. Our experts would be available to monitor and guide the students throughout for quality learning. The prime aim of the institute is to instill the knowledge of Event Managment by making you functionally capable of handling the diversified jobs under the challenging and competitive scenario.

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Streams Available

Event Management Course

An Event is not an everyday occurrence, it is important and thus needs to be given due recognization and expert handling. We all have been a part of the event culture knowingly or unknowingly. One is either organizing an event or being the spectator of it. With the growing sense of self-awareness and need of being on top of the game, people often seek the help of a professional in organizing an event. Be it the wedding spree or award shows like Oscar and Filmfare, a successful event is backed by a strong and determined management team. Since the time humans learned to celebrate, the need for event management has been inevitable. Event management is a multifaceted activity which keeps evolving with everyday developments around the globe. Major elements that make a successful event are creativity, strong planning, public relations, resource handling, marketing and much more. Event Managment is an integrated branch front which caters to the need of all aspects of event planning. Also, Event Management is not restricted to a single type of event but it caters to the wide variety as following:-


  • Weddings
  • Birthday Parties
  • Anniversary Parties
  • Festival Celebrations


  • Seminars
  • Product Launches
  • Press Conferences
  • Charity Events
  • Political Events

Admission Guidelines

Wedding Planner Course

Weddings are a never ending affair and they will never go out of fashion. In the past decade, the wedding industry has seen a massive growth and the industry's net worth is in billions. Every individual who has the capacity of spending tens of millions on wedding prefers to have an expert to handle the affair. A professional with well-equipped knowledge is thus a boon to the society. With our advanced management course, we cater to the ever growing demand of wedding planners in the industry. Right from managing theme weddings to destination weddings, learn all under the umbrella of our Event Management Course.

Admission Guidelines


With the growing demand of glamorization of events and lifestyle, the need for celebrity endorsements and presence at important events has opened another branch for professionals: Celebrity Management. With Alee Institute's all in one-course Event Management course and celebrity involvement, our students will be able to have an on hand exposure of handling massive celebrity ventures. Our involvement with renowned stars has made it possible for our students to learn the art of celebrity management during the course only. We seek to send professionally well-equipped celebrities in the industry.